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Foley Power Solutions offers a wide range of power products and solutions allowing agricultural producers to have reliable power 24/7, 365 days a year.

Uninterrupted and reliable power is especially important throughout the growing season or in case of emergency power outages to make sure that a business can run as normal.  Our standby and rental emergency generators help farmers and ranchers keep their operations running smoothly during what could be a costly power outage. From dairy farms to greenhouse facilities, Cat generators can provide power for all your agricultural needs.

Whether it’s an estimate, installation or a scheduled maintenance check, Foley Power Solutions can help you to find the best solution for your needs so you can continue running a successful operation.

Generator Powering Irrigation on Farm
Reliable Power Solutions

for Agriculture

Fresh water fish are typically raised in ponds stocked with large populations. To avoid suffocating these densely populated fish, the water must be continually aerated. Aerators that are used on catfish and other fish farms inject oxygen into the ponds using mechanical or electrically driven pump motors frequently powered with generators.
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Harvesting operations can be impacted by the loss of power outage. From farmers who rely on computerized equipment, including automated picking machines to automated water sprinklers and sprayers that help ripen fruit -- all are impacted with the loss of power. Installing and maintaining a reliable commercial generator can prevent the heavy loss of profits and damages to good and products.
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Dairy farms employ the use of computerized systems that keep track of their dairy cows’ location, milking schedules, and timetables for milking. Electric milking machines rely on stable, reliable, and continuous power sources. Cold storage warehouses that keep milk and other dairy products would also be in jeopardy if there was a loss of power or total power outage. Modern methane power technology is a solution that works well for dairy and livestock operations.
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Greenhouses require energy to thrive. Foley Power Solutions is here to help make your business better with power built to cut costs and boost plant health. Cat® combined heat and power (CHP) systems are engineered to produce electricity for your operation while heating your facility. Fueled by natural gas, our CHP generators for greenhouse facilities run at an efficiency of more than 90%. A Cat after-treament system filters exhaust gas, rich in carbon dioxide, to be used as plant root fertilizer. Whether it’s an estimate, installation or on-site service, we’re committed to ensuring you get quality from our systems and expert support from our Cat team.
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Beef, pork and poultry production utilize equipment powered by electric motors to provide reliable sources of feed and water. Buildings require electrically powered ventilation and temperature control systems to keep animals healthy. Any interruption in power can impact the health of the animals. Most buildings will be equipped with standby generator sets when utility power is available as a primary source.
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Agriculture Videos

Heat and Power Solutions for Greenhouses 

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems provide a profitable and sustainable solution for greenhouses. By generating thermal energy and electrical energy simultaneously, a CHP system can yield a fuel efficiency rate over 90% versus the typical boiler efficiency of 40-50%. Typical payback on these systems is less than three to four years.

Buck Creek Farm – Aerial 

Shocklee is a contract farmer for a national
food company, raising nearly 500,000 chickens
annually at his facility 20 minutes south
of Owensboro, KY. “Solar energy appealed to me,” Shocklee says.
“Not only is it a convenient form of renewable
energy, but I saw it as a way to insulate me from
future price increases.”

Cat Powers Idaho Dairy 

With 60,000 cows and 13 facilities, Bettencourt Dairies is one of the largest dairy farm operations in Idaho. Rock Creek Dairy, a Bettencourt operation with 9,000 cows, was the subject of hundreds of odor complaints from local residents over the course of six years. Aware of the odor issue, the Bettencourt Dairies management team began investigating solutions that would reduce both the odor and methane emissions from Rock Creek’s cows.