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Shining The Spotlight on Cat Service Technicians

Get to know the men and woman behind the title, and what makes them tick...

What are the traits of outstanding service technicians? Is there some common thread woven into their DNA?

To answer that question Cat Trial 10: Tech Test was created to showcase the knowledge and skills of Service Technicians.

This latest trial video highlights service technicians who test their skills through an obstacle course. The challenges they face are similar to problems they must solve when working on a customer’s product.

Join us as we learn a little more about these remarkable men and women who battle daily challenges both in the shop and out in the field.  

Behind the Scenes – Trial 10 Course

So how do trials mirror real life? As one contestant explained:

“The most challenging part was the can test. That’s something we do for our initial ThinkBIG application… That’s a very good way to get your foot into the door and show you don’t have to have a certain kind of part. It’s sort of a monkey jumble of parts you get to put together.”

The trial designer added: “The can test is a way we gauge mechanical aptitude for our technicians. It’s a widget that is one challenge, too, when they go through the interview process. We give them a box of parts and say, ‘Figure it out.’ That’s pretty much what we did for the competition… That’s what we’re trying to gauge… Can you look at a 2D image and convert that into a 3D product? Can you be thrown just a few bits of information and piece them together to tell a whole story?”

Full Cat Trial 10: Tech Test

The trial course allows technicians to test their skill and endurance in four challenges:

1) The Cat Can Test. This 3D puzzle is an oversized version of the one that some dealerships use to gauge mechanical aptitude.

2) Cat engines, matching to specific applications.

3) Troubleshooting challenge, which tests their knowledge of Cat services.

4) Use of the Cat App to pull a parts order.

Contestants finished the course by loading the parts into a pickup truck and “delivering” to job site.

If you have the skills & attributes listed above, you may be the next Service Technician Foley Equipment is looking for!

As a Foley Equipment Service Technician, here's what you can expect:

• Competitive pay
• 401(k), with Company Match
• Full Insurance Benefits

• Company Laptop
• Tool and Work Boot Reimbursement
• Uniforms and Cleaning Services

• Career Advancement Opportunities
• Rewarding Work
• Advanced Training

From Gasket Scraper to Senior Field Technician

Rick Miller inherited his love of engines from his father, Hugo Miller, a truck engine mechanic in California.
Technician Internships
The ThinkBIG program at Oklahoma State University IT or State Technical College of Missouri is the perfect opportunity to set you up for success. The two-year program is built to give you the knowledge and experience you need to succeed while earning a paycheck.
Technicians for North America
Technicians for North America is an absolutely free online program for people seeking a new and exciting career as a service technician. Technicians for North America is sponsored by Caterpillar, the global leader in construction and mining equipment.

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