Aren't All Machine & Equipment Filters Created Equal?

Today, the answer is clear.

From customer studies, to test results, to simply cutting one open, it’s easy to see the difference with Cat Filters. Your Cat equipment gets more protection and better performance. That means less repair work, more up-time and more money for your operation. Numbers back it up, and behind the numbers there is the design.

Genuine Cat Filters are designed with robust engineering to maximize the Cat components around it – especially the engine and the fluids.  And whether the crucial spiral roving or the 30% stronger nonmetal center tube, Cat Filters consist of game-changing features to significantly outperform other filter brands.

Combine a system-based design with superior features and you get a different filter that delivers different results.  But don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself in the video below, or better yet try a genuine Cat Filter and experience the difference yourself!

No matter how hard they try, competitors just can't deliver genuine Cat quality!

Magnified view of injector valve seat damage:

The pictures above were from a performance study proving Cat filters can increase injector life by 45%.

“Cut it open and look inside at the difference between a cheap filter and a Cat filter… you’ll see…"



Whether manufacturers or customers, any filter expert knows how to compare Cat filters with the rest. “Just cut it open.” Since you probably don’t have one next to your phone or computer, we broke down what you would see and why it matters. Check out the unique design features, industry-leading test results and how they can extend injector life by up to 45%.

Cat Filters


Cat® filters and fluids really are different. And there’s proof to back it up. It starts with extensive testing versus competitors, where results do the talking. Those results become real with our customers. From healthier components to more uptime, hear how they see the difference.


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