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You work hard to meet deadlines, stay on plan and meet your customer's demands. You need to trust the products that keep your business going. 

You’re trusted to power the places where people gather to work, shop and conduct business. Select a distributed generation system to provide power to a facility as back-up and on a permanent or temporary basis. Run uninterrupted power and reduce operating expenses with a Cat combined heat and power (CHP) system to simultaneously provide electricity for electrical loads and recover heat to warm facilities.

Our commercial generators protect your investments by ensuring your equipment stays up and running. When you choose Foley Power Solutions, you get one trusted source for your system, and the peace of mind of knowing that our focus is on the quality of every piece of equipment we sell and every encounter you have with our professionals.

Generator Powering Irrigation on Farm

Just Getting Started?

Whether you need a portable, short-term power for an event or emergency, or a larger scale more permanent power solution, our support team is standing by to guide you through to the right system and configuration for your needs.

Call us at (888) 288-2295 and get started today.

You Turn It On. We Keep It On.

Every day around the world, our customers rely on Cat Generator Sets and Genset Systems to keep their power on when they need it most.

Caterpillar provides the highest quality energy solution to truly power the world. “You turn it on, we keep it on."

"He's [Foley Rep] great about supporting us and understanding the technical issues we'll face in a particular installation and all the ins-and-outs... We're engineers but we don't know it all. We understand the big picture, but we really rely on Foley to help us understand the impacts of the equipment being installed."
Black & Veatch
Kansas City, Missouri