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For generations, people across the heartland have trusted Foley Equipment Service with their machines.  Learn how to maximize your productivity and uptime. The following articles include practical information and customer success stories, and news on the latest challenges facing North American operators today.


Support When & Where It Matters Most

Over the course of 42 years, Foley product support reps Rodney Warren and Craig Roy, have bonded over a shared passion of Cat machines and the hard-working men and women that operate them.

Scheduled Oil Sampling: The Value of Fluid Analysis

You don’t need an advanced degree in chemistry to take advantage of your oil, coolant or fuel sampling results. Cat Scheduled Oil Sampling service, also known as S·O·S provides knowledgeable interpretations and recommendations you can actually understand—and act on.

A Well Lubricated Machine Is A High Performing Machine

All service and greasing intervals can be found in your machine Operating and Maintenance Manual, as well as on the quick reference service chart located inside the rear door of your compact loader. Greasing points may vary between model numbers, so make sure you check these handy reference tools before getting to work.


6 Tips for Working Safely Around Heavy Equipment

When it comes to working in and around heavy equipment, protecting your people and valuable assets is always a primary concern. According to the statistics of the National Safety Council (NSC), a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds.  Learn how you can take a proactive approach by utilizing safety.

Don’t Lose Out on
20% of Machine Performance: Treat Your Hydraulic System Right

If you found yourself losing 20% of your work week or profits — one out of every five days or dollars — you’d act fast to fix the problem, right? Well, consider this: Your hydraulic system is responsible for 20% of machine performance, according to industry standards.  So, what steps can you take now to prevent future problems?

Landfill Counts
on Cat Fleet &
Foley Equipment Service to Process Waste

First opened in 1985 and projected to last 40 years, the St. Joseph Sanitary Landfill accepts all types of refuse—except hazardous waste. 

It handles construction and demolition (C&D) and municipal waste and serves approximately 100,000 residents throughout northwest Missouri.

4 Signs That
Indicate It’s Time
to Replace Your Undercarriage

Did you know that undercarriage accounts for as much as 20% of the price of a new track-type machine? When you consider that over its life, 50% of a track type machine’s owning and operating costs come from its undercarriage, it makes sense keep your undercarriage in top shape.  This article will help you identify the four signs of worn out undercarriage tracks.


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