Cat General Duty & Heavy Duty J Tips

We've Got Tips, You Have Choices!

Ground Engaging Tool Tips

Cat Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are the only add-ons designed and built by the industry leader to perform alongside Cat buckets and machines. The result is a ground breaking system optimized for productivity the moment you hit the ground.

Cat Tips provide a number of key benefits, including:

•  Protecting the expensive parts of blades, buckets and ripper shanks

•  Determining how well a machine performs in specific applications

•  Longer machine life

•  Reduced maintenance costs

•  Caterpillar replacement warranty in the case of any breakage

Choose The Tip Your Application Demands

Cat General Duty and Heavy Duty J Tips provide high performance and reliability over time with choices to fit your needs. Ask us which option makes sense for your application.

•  A lower-cost option with consistent quality for general duty or utility buckets
•  Long wear in low-to-medium impact conditions
•  Reliable performance in topsoil, loam, sand, dense clay, shot rock and gravel

•  Provide maximum penetration for heavy-to-extreme duty buckets
•  Long wear in high impact, highly abrasive conditions
•  Powerful performance in mixed clay, rock, shot granite, sandstone, high silica sand, caliche, ore, and slag

You’ve got options based on what you need the tip for. At Foley Equipment, we’re here to help you find the right parts for your application. Browse Cat Ground Engaging Tools online at FoleyParts.com or contact us at (888) 288-2295 to learn more!

Match The Tip To The Job

Take A Closer Look At Cat Ground Engaging Tools

Ground Engaging Tools (GET) are more than just tools. They’re a choice that can drive results for your entire operation. With Cat GET, you receive access to a full line for your entire fleet, with industry-leading availability — any part, any machine, anytime, anywhere. And they’re always backed by unmatched dealer support. Take a closer look at Cat GET and the real results they’re delivering on customer sites, including 30% increases in wear life, 50% reductions in downtime and double the tip life.


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