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Foley Power Solutions can provide you with the equipment you need for oil and gas production, gas compression, well service and oil and gas drilling. 

As one of the leading Cat engine rebuild facilities, we also meet tight production deadlines with the highest quality standards and service.

Foley Power Solutions has the widest range of durable and reliable Cat power products to meet the demands of your specific application. We have the people to keep your operation running at peak performance, from our design experts who get your operation up and running to the experts at Caterpillar, we are there to help you every step of the way.

Discover what Foley Power Solutions can do for you today.

Generator Powering Irrigation on Farm
Reliable Power Solutions

for Oil & Gas

No segment of the petroleum industry presents quite the same set of challenges, opportunities and essential skills as oil well servicing. Desert heat. Bitter cold. Endless variables that are beyond your control. It’s a high-pressure business, full of unique applications and circumstances. Cat® engines are just as specialized. They provide outstanding reliability across a wide range of available horsepower. They can run on almost any fuel (diesel, crude, natural gas, propane or almost any field gas), and meet the toughest worldwide emissions standards. Each is backed by the expert support of the worldwide Cat dealer network. You need power for so many different applications, why not get all your engines from the same source: Caterpillar.
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  • Pump engines
  • Mixer engines
  • Blender engines
  • High-performance truck engines
Low operating costs and proven reliability have made Cat® engines the preferred choice in the oilfield. Cat engines have been drilling the majority of the world’s wells for years. Their robust design and low-speed operation deliver long engine life, and they offer emissions compliance, improved fuel economy, easier service and the lowest owning and operating costs in the business.
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  • Mechanical Drilling Engines
  • Production Generator Sets
  • Electric Drive Drilling Modules
Cat engines are hard at work on the majority of the world’s offshore oil wells. Their robust design, low-speed operation, fuel economy and low overall costs make them the industry’s top choice for offshore drilling power. Cat offers offshore generator sets with ratings capable of operating on:
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  • MDO
  • LFO
  • HFO
  • Crude Oil
  • Dual Fuel
Cat® engines for gas compression have logged over two billion operating hours around the world. Put our experience and 24-7 support to work in your operation. Built using the proven Cat® diesel platform, these gas-fueled units stand up to the most demanding gas and oil transportation applications, delivering 71 to 6100 bkW (95 to 8180 bhp) with virtually no unscheduled downtime. Advanced combustion technology enables Cat gas compression engines to burn a variety of fuels:
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  • Field gas
  • Natural gas
  • Coal bed methane
  • Wellhead gas
  • Propane
  • Low-energy gas
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