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Microgrid Installation at Kansas City Site

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Project Summary:

Foley Power Solutions, a division of Foley Equipment, installed a solar microgrid on the roof of the company’s Kansas City facility. Along with construction equipment and engines, Foley Equipment is a proud provider of solar, microgrid and energy storage systems to customers throughout Kansas and northwest Missouri.
  • Company:Foley Equipment
  • Location:5701 E 87th St, Kansas City, MO 64132
  • Installer:Cromwell Solar
  • PV Panels: Cat Thin Film, 1500 panels @117W ea
  • Inverters:SMA Sunny TriPower, five @ 30kW ea
  • Racking: Panel Claw
  • Array Size: 172kWdc
  • Estimated Annual kWh: 235,000kWh

Microgrid Installation at Kansas City Site

The company’s 1,500 solar panel microgrid will create 172kW of renewable energy at a cost savings of $23,000 in its first year with a planned savings of $1.25 million over 25 years. Installed by Cromwell Solar atop Foley Equipment’s 5701 E 87th Street facility, the microgrid will provide about a third of the building’s power. The project represents the largest on-site solar installation for a commercial business in Kansas City, Missouri.

“We are pleased to use solar to help power our facility. It is not only renewable but makes great financial sense,” said Ann Konecny, CEO of Foley Equipment. “Delivering cost-effective and sustainable energy to our customers is simply the next step in being our customer's First Choice.”

The Cat Microgrid technology suite is designed to reduce fuel expenses, lower utility bills and decrease emissions while increasing energy efficiency in even the most challenging environments.

“Our knowledge of generator sets and distributed power combined with the strength of the Cat dealer network provides customers with a reliable, long-term business partner,” said James Kerschinske, Power Solutions sales manager. “Together with Cat Hybrid Solutions, Foley delivers an innovative, financially viable solution to incorporate sustainable energy sources, like solar and energy storage battery systems, into traditional power generation offerings.”

As the power generation industry evolves towards a broader range of energy solutions, Foley Equipment is helping lead the way.