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Rental Generators, Air Compressors, Temperature Control Units & More!

Foley Power Solutions Rental is your one source for all your rental power needs.

Generators, air compressors, temperature control units & more!

RentalsWhen you’re looking for a generator rental, we’re prepared with whatever you need for temporary power – from disaster relief or scheduled power system maintenance, to a standby power supply or a special event.

Our rental generator sets are engineered for easy transporting and fast installation, designed to work alone or in redundancy, and to meet your greatest power need in the shortest time.

Foley Power Solutions delivers clean, reliable, fuel-efficient gensets whenever and wherever you need them. We’re hard at work around the globe providing single-source access to all product and accessory needs – and our experts are with you all the way to help you design a system, deliver equipment, and provide technical support, service, maintenance, and training programs.

We also supply a full line of air compressors, temperature control units and loadbanks.  You will find it all at Foley Power Solutions.

Our Power Solutions Line-up Available for Rental

Portable Generator Sets
Portable Compressed Air
Temperature Control
Heating Systems
Temperature Control
Cooling Systems
Portable Generator Sets
Natural Gas
Fuel Tanks

At Foley Rental, we offer only the best Missouri and Kansas rental power products from top manufacturers. You’ll find an assortment of generator rentals from Caterpillar, a brand that’s been synonymous with heavy equipment excellence for nearly a century. We also feature power generation products from other reputable manufacturers. Choose from the following:

Mobile & portable generator sets: These tow-able and haulable Cat® diesel and gas generator sets are perfect for providing power at sites where grid electricity is unavailable or inaccessible. Select from a variety of kW capacities to meet your specific power requirements.

Electrical Distribution Equipment: Our broad selection helps make Foley Power Solutions the leader in electrical distribution equipment rentals serving Kansas and Missouri. You’ll find an assortment of key system components such as:

  • Automatic transfer switches: These switches perform the critical function of transferring the electrical supply from a primary to a backup power source when an outage occurs. They can also start up long-term backup power systems like diesel generators to enable electrically operated equipment to run until the restoration of utility power.
  • Electrical panels: Our electrical panels for rent will efficiently divide the electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits within your system. We also carry generator spider boxes that can distribute the power from a central generator, preventing the need for multiple generators.
  • Transformers: Use our transformer rentals to step up and step down voltage safely when transferring energy between electrical circuits.

Air Compressors: We can provide you with industrial air compressor solutions from start to finish.

Temperature Control Equipment: We carry a wide assortment of products from the top manufacturers in the industry. Our vast inventory includes:

  • Chillers: You’ll find air-cooled chillers in 100, 150 and 200-ton configurations that are ideal for delivering precise temperature control for environments such as pharmaceutical manufacturing and food and beverage packaging.
  • Electric heaters: We offer electrical heating units that can accommodate everything from small-scale projects to more demanding industrial and commercial heating requirements.
  • Forced air heaters: Use these portable machines as a mobile heating solution wherever you need it. They’re perfect for keeping workers warm on a cold day or other targeted climate control applications.
  • Ground thaw: This towable equipment enables you to prepare frozen ground for digging, which can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete winter excavation projects.


Renting Offers Numerous Business Advantages

Renting power equipment from Foley Rental can benefit your company in many ways:

  • Obtaining specialized equipment to meet a unique power generation requirement
  • Getting generators quickly in an emergency to prevent an extended loss of electricity
  • Avoiding costs such as maintenance, storage and depreciation
  • Using late-model rentals gives you access to advanced equipment technologies that maximize efficiency
  • Improving your cash flow and freeing up funds to invest in other areas of your business operation
  • Trying out a generator you’re thinking of purchasing to make sure it’s right for your applications

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