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Exceptional power for everyday living. 

You supply power to meet everyday needs, whether it’s peak shaving to save costs or off-grid power for isolated, remote cities. That's why you need a source that runs non-stop.

Cat stationary or temporary diesel generators are cost-effective, reliable power, meeting spikes in demand and keeping power affordable for your customers.

Electric utilities can operate gas engine generators continuously to serve base electrical loads. This is particularly advantageous in the absence of a reliable centralized power plant, or where the economics and availability of natural gas fuel are key drivers.

Gas engine generators are also commonly used to handle peak loads. Spikes in demand for utility grid electric power typically occur in the early morning before the workday, and in the late afternoon after the workday ends. Most people can relate to getting home from work and immediately flipping the light switch, turning up the heat or air conditioning and tuning in to the local news on television. 

Generator Powering Irrigation on Farm

When thousands of people collectively engage in the same behavior, large spikes in power consumption occur for a relatively short period of time. Some utilities choose to enter into long-term power purchase agreements to own a reserve block of power to address these intermittent spikes. However, this approach can lead to unnecessary base load capacity, driving up costs for the utility and its customers.

Caterpillar will give you expert consultation on how to design, install, and maintain power plants designed for utility applications.

Benefits from utility gas generator applications include:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Efficient use of resources
  • Increased revenue opportunities

Just Getting Started?

Whether you need a portable, short-term power for an event or emergency, or a larger scale more permanent power solution, our support team is standing by to guide you through to the right system and configuration for your needs.

Call us at (888) 288-2295 and get started today.

Utility Videos

Gensets Position City for Years to Come 

With standby power generation equipment at its public works building more than 50 years old, Johnson City officials opted for the purchase of two Cat C-175-16 diesel generator sets, which were sourced by Cat dealer Foley Equipment.

AG People’s Electric Cooperative 

People’s Electric Cooperative (PEC) was established in 1937 to provide power to the homes, farms, and businesses in south central Oklahoma. They utilize 30 Cat® G3520H generator sets to provide peak shaving and demand management to offset utility costs for residents.

You Turn It On. We Keep It On.

Every day around the world, our customers rely on Cat Generator Sets and Genset Systems to keep their power on when they need it most. Caterpillar provides the highest quality energy solution to truly power the world. “You turn it on, we keep it on."

"We wanted to go with a Tier 4 system to meet EPA regulations. And when we called him, Cliff Gamblin from Foley came here immediately and worked with us. He was willing to work with us and determine our exact needs and set us up for the future with a power system that's going to last for a long time."
Tyce McMillan
Johnson City, Kansas Utility